Belief In The One True Power

Belief In The One True Power

I was visiting the Grove Arcade in Asheville, NC and noticed the sunlight looking interesting around this stairwell. Later in the week a gnarled tree trunk in my neighborhood caught my attention as well. Originals at Flickr:


I knew I wanted to do something with the tree and the stairwell, but it looked incomplete when editing, so I brought in a candle that happened to be burning when I was working on this. Finally, I added some texture for unification.

The title of this image is from a lyric in a song by one of my favorite bands, The Deftones, titled, “Pink Cellphone.” It’s an airy, dark, and experimental-sounding track – qualities also applicable to this image, so I thought it was an appropriate fit. It’s not my intent to promote any belief an any kind of power whatsoever. I just like the sound of the song and the pairing with the image.

Musical accompaniment: “Pink Cellphone” by The Deftones