Supervisage Notifier

Supervisage Notifier - Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS.comOnce when visiting Florence, Italy, I was taken in by all the elaborate knockers on so many of the old city’s doors. On my last day there, I came upon a shop that happened to sell these very devices, and now this solid cast brass one is anchored into my own home’s door here in the U.S. Add to that a view of the sky and a tree from downtown along with views of a shell from the beach, and you have a super-charged version of this primitive yet functional notification contraption. See the source components here, and enjoy a making-of video below, with Stereolab‘s “Motoroller Scalatron” as musical accompaniment:

Learned Symmetry

Learned Symmetry - Richard Smith -

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I almost never do things like this on a stark white background. That’s my hand, a neighborhood tree, and a blooming flower on a tree I spotted in my travels a few states away. This was more of an exercise than a deliberate composition (see related: “Any Day Or Now“), but reactions have been so positive here and on Instagram, I’ve since made it a full-on composition with signature, description and a look at the source components here.

Lady Of The Stairs

Lady Of The Stairs - Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS.comAlmost exactly one year ago I snapped this photo of a stairwell and only in the past day has it occurred to me that it would be composition material. Amazing how time can grow an idea. The facial features are of a model I commissioned to do some portraiture elements. Add to the mix some plays on symmetry and a spacey reflection from my bathroom sink, along with plenty of hue manipulation, and this is the result. See the source components here.

Choosing Sides

Choosing Sides - Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS.comWhat’s interesting to me about this one and its title are all the varying sides at work here. The center is a negative image of a handprint in cement, and the trees are on their sides as part of a rotated border. Each of these elements come from different sides of the country — the trees from the east coast, and the hand from Hollywood. And then it’s put to the viewer to choose how to view the piece: as an exploration of positive/negative, this dimension/that dimension, or any number of other interpretations where choosing sides is part of the experience. See the source components at Flickr. Musical acompaniament: The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash:

And the whirlwind is in the thorn tree
The virgins are all trimming their wicks
The whirlwind is in the thorn tree
It’s hard for thee to kick against the pricks

Forward, Behind, Today

(null)I created this two years ago from the time I’m posting it here, inspired by the throwback Thursday trend on Instagram and other social media sites. It uses one of my favorite props, my great-grandfather’s pocket watch. The upper landscape is a reversed image of a view from the sea of Cortez near California Baja Sur in Mexico. See some source components at Flickr.

And as I was forming this post, I heard a song that I haven’t thought about in years, one that is actually decades old, Yet wholly appropriate for this post: Stardog Champion by Mother Love Bone.

Vision Deliberate

Vision Deliberate

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My great grandfather’s pocket watch, and a macro shot of my well-lit left eye. Something about keeping an eye on time or holding close the time we have would be an appropriate interpretation, along with rumination on the slippage of time… right before one’s eye(s). See originals at Flickr.

The Aha Moment

The Aha Moment

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Doorknob c. 1920s and my own eye in an afternoon reflection, with some solarization technique to unify and emphasize shadows. See variations at Flickr.

Up With The Sun

Up With The Sun by rsmithing

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Originals for this montage - click to view at Flickr

For this montage, I combined two photos I took on a Saturday in late summer: one of a wig mannequin at a beauty supply shop, and another of a rising cloud at a winery out in the country.  

I brought wig girl into the foreground and gave her the solarization treatment. Next, I brought both images together while experimenting with layers. I named this after a U2 song lyric in “Gone,” an expansive, rising track that seemed appropriate for this composition.

Musical accompaniment: “Gone” by U2

Eye Could Be With You

Eye Could Be With You
“Tonight I could be with you, waiting in the wings…” –Bauhaus, Spirit

See the original elements at Flickr.


Two unrelated moments make sense for a moment here. This is made from a photo of a faux stone figurine of a child sleeping, from Pier 1 Imports, in Greensboro, NC, along with a photo of a steel pole with peeling paint in the Church Street Parking Deck, in Winston-Salem, NC. Original images here. Title inspired by The Misfits song, “Hybrid Moments.”