The Long Way Ahead

the-long-way-ahead-richard-smith-rsmithings-comFrom sighting to perspective. I noticed this shadowy figure crossing a bridge of railroad tracks during my morning commute. I snapped the shot from my car window (while stopped), then later came back the same afternoon to shoot the tracks from the spot where the figure stood, giving a view of what may have been in the figure’s view. See the source components here.

Bridge People

Bridge People - Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS.comI shot this image of some individuals on an overpass bridge illuminated by the setting sun from very far away, but was able to render their forms just abstractly enough to work, along with some rust I shot on the same walk and a view of clouds from a window seat the following day. See the source elements here.

The Oracle

The Oracle - Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS.comA passing glimpse of a fellow traveler. A passing moment of the ocean’s sand art. A flickering illuminated moment of a candle, amid the stars shimmering from the pavement. All for a moment of transcendence. See the source components here.

Martyr Of The Barn

Martyr Of The Barn - Smith-Kiaba,
This is a collaboration with the very talented Jen Kiaba, whose photography I’ve long admired, and whom I have been fortunate enough to connect with on Instagram. I noticed a snapshot of hers there one day and offered to do a collaboration with the original, to which she graciously obliged. Definitely check out Jen’s website if you’re into surreal photo creations (chances are that’s the case if you’re reading this). Along with her initial inspiring shot, this also includes clouds shot from my front porch given a solarization effect; a section of a vined plant growing in my front yard; my front yard itself in the bottom of the frame (reversed grassy section) and a shot of Rodin’s “The Martyr” that I took at the Met in NYC a few years ago. I felt compelled to include a human-like form as a nod to her style, and this sculpture seemed contextually appropriate. See the source components here.

Into Another Existence

Into Another Existence by rsmithing 1024x1021
Human form arising from a holly leaf photographed in place on the steps to my house’s front porch overlayed in a floating manner atop a reflected view of cobblestone pavers original to my city. See the originals at Flickr.


Transitional - Richard Smith -
Flower from a bush in my front yard combined with the face of a model commissioned for this shot. I call it “transitional” because of the aspirational expression looking upward, as well as the transitional state of the flower’s bloom. Also, because I’ll likely come back to it again one day. I consider this a sketch now, to be fleshed out further later on. Maybe in a different form, but along the same conceptual lines. See the originals at Flickr.

Find Your Own Path

This shot began with a visit to Austin, TX. I noticed this rough brick retaining wall housing some fragile growth along a sidewalk, and I knew it would make perfect framing for something later, if not just remaining a fine image on its own. The doors are from a ballroom at the hotel I was staying in while on this business trip — the recessed lighting lends an atmospheric touch in this composition, and the details come through just enough after I’ve blurred them somewhat to match the perspective of the foreground. Finally, our strolling protagonist was about 50 feet away from me on another busy sidewalk one afternoon as I was returning from lunch. The sun was especially brilliant that day, and its angle makes a dramatic shadow that melds naturally with the shape and lighting of the wall. It took me forever to do the masking, and seemingly even longer to get the door right, but I’m satisfied with the results. Hope you enjoy.

The Delicate Balance


Here’s an example of framing using a wall I pass by every day on my commute with a specially-commissioned model photo. Now, I think of this each time I ride by that wall, and the commute is that much more interesting.


This is my first creation using commissioned model photography. I’ve been wanting to incorporate human forms in my art for a while, and have made contact with some folks who were good enough to provide photos per my specs. My sincere thanks to all the models kind enough to participate in my photomontages.