Leaving Home

A play on words and perspective. See the source components here.


A collection of images working together for a metaphor on reaching higher, maybe for the stars or beyond. See the source components here.


The elements of this composition were shot over several years across North America and finally came together like pieces from a puzzle. This is a tribute to my ultimate inspiration, Jerry Uelsmann, whose style is reflected in many of my works. See the source components here.

Ivy Lockbox Radio

This includes a visualization of radio waves via the Architecture of Radio app, juxtaposing the natural world (represented by the ivy amid the clouds) with the mystery of what’s typically unseen and/or waiting to be discovered, represented here by a curiously aged box hovering amid actual data points from the infosphere where this image was created. See the source components here.

Accidental Portal

accidental-portal-richard-smith-rsmithings-comSometimes a portal appears by accident, despite our best efforts, and that’s OK. See the source components here.

Rites Of Passage

rites-of-passage-richard-smith-rsmitings-comSolarized clouds, a faraway horizon, trees, the swirl of a shell and some ocean bubbles amid bokkeh and vignetting. See the source components here.

VI Plus IV

vi-plus-iv-richard-smith-rsmithings-comExactly like the title says. See the source components here.

Leap Of Faith

Leap Of Faith - Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS.comOver two-and-a-half years in the making, and then suddenly this one sprang forth in a day of inspiration. I love it when that happens; it’s like something’s already formed and my hands are just a conduit for bringing it into being, whether that be the visual, the concept, or ideally: both. See the source components here.

Everything New is Old Again

Everything New is Old Again - Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS.comA vintage ensemble, rising clouds, wild dandelion, moth, and a hole in the sky made by the trees below — recent travel imagery with snapshots from around my city and house. See the source components here.

Division of Labor III

Division Of Labor III - Richard Smith-RSMITHINGS.comA continuation along the theme of a couple of works (I, II) I’ve created previously. See the source components here.

Love Is The Guide

Love Is The Guide - Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS.comThough waters may be dark and the road nonlinear, with love as a guide we might find what we’re looking for. See the source components here.

Musical accompaniment: Fuzzbox

Innatas Reflecterum

Innatas Reflecterum - Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS.comBecause our reflections, or reflections of anything, are only secondhand information, rather than being a direct statement of the source, it’s important to practice perspective, however difficult that can be at times. Situations, people, even things as seemingly concrete as arching trees, the beauty of a rose — or things as literally concrete as a building — exist in our minds only that they are subject to our perception; something very susceptible to change, sometimes by our own design, other times less so. See the source components here.

Metropolitan Gestalt

Metropolitan Gestalt - Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS.comThe subject matter and title of this piece are an interplay on the location of the background itself: a downtown corridor in my city, and the gestalt-esque coming together of the various elements. I knew the background would be a fun device for a creation, but it was only after seeing it did the vision come together in my head for the final composition, involving pieces of which I had shot much earlier with no idea where they would land. Only after revisiting the composition years later did I fully appreciate the process as part of the overall result. See the source components here.

Musical accompaniment: Glassjaw – Cosmopolitan Blood Loss

Things Find A Way

Things Find A Way - Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS.comOne of my favorite phrases is “There is always a way.” I read that in a character sketch when I was young, and its simple optimism has always resonated with me. It also brings to mind “life finds a way” from Jurassic Park, but since I’m working with things – elements of a composition – then the title of this piece feels appropriate, especially because it took unusually long to gestate in my mind’s eye before becoming clear. The impulse was the bridge, spotted one weekend afternoon in a local park near my home. I rode past it while running an errand around golden hour time, and turned around in my car to go back and get the shot. Earlier that weekend I’d taken a snapshot of the hübnerite and quartz in the background (which found itself to a nearby science center all the way from Peru), and I knew the two could somehow work together in a Fortress of Solitude kind of fashion. Add to that a found crow feather (seen also in Wired To Heaven), cloud tops seen from an airplane, the emerging face of a stranger, along with some conveniently nearby fauna… and voila: each thing in this piece found its way to the right spot in the final assemblage. See the source components here.

Oceanus Rubigo

Ocean Of RustI came upon a dumpster in my neighborhood speckled with rusted, peeling paint pockmarks and a crow in the same parking lot. I immediately thought the two would make a meaningful pairing, and set about documenting them as best I could. Thinking back to nautical maps of centuries ago, the kind with sea beasts and rough approximations of coastlines, I took the opportunity to include several of my common photomontage elements in a similar vein. Clouds, an eye, tree parts, a moth, etc. – all come together in this assemblage. It took a good long while compared to most of my projects, but I got it done, this vision in my head. And that’s satisfying. See the source components here.



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Memories and experiences are so enjoyable when recovered, worth savoring and experiencing, even if distilled into a fine drop of the actual moment. See the originals at Flickr.

Dream Grower

Roadside flowers, clouds from above (via airplane) and a couple of hands work together to convey a metaphor about pushing dreams into reality. Because sometimes that’s what it takes. See the originals at Flickr.

In Spatium (Appear In The Distance)

In Spatium (Appear In The Distance) - Richard Smith - rsmithings.com
I was fortunate enough to go to Sunset Beach in North Carolina for a weekend, and took several snapshots, some of which would be the basis for most of this composition. It also involves a bit of dried Earth, along with some stone steps from a park near where I live. The title, “In Spatium” is Latin for “appear in the distance,” a phrase I like for this composition because of its conceptual and literal relevance to this specific image. Bonus points if you get that relevance. See the originals at Flickr.

Let Love In

What expansive and rewarding views might be on the other side of a concept locked away in our minds? Here, I illustrate the concept using a view of a lake at Yellowstone National Park, a rose from a Valentine’s bouquet, and a well-worn brass deadbolt from my front door. See the originals at Flickr.

City Lights

A view from a wooded walking trail, a light from a Venetian-themed walkway, and an aerial city view come together in this photomontage. See the originals at Flickr.