Rainbow In Progress

Inspired by the clouds, using edges and other elements affected by nature. See the source components here. Musical accompaniment: “Rainbow” by Robert Plant:

Leaving Home

A play on words and perspective. See the source components here.


A collection of images working together for a metaphor on reaching higher, maybe for the stars or beyond. See the source components here.

Flight Reflector

Some of my favorite elements working together for metaphors on flight and reflection. See the source components here.


The elements of this composition were shot over several years across North America and finally came together like pieces from a puzzle. This is a tribute to my ultimate inspiration, Jerry Uelsmann, whose style is reflected in many of my works. See the source components here.

Dream Catcher II

A continuation along the theme of one of my favorite early works. See the source components here.

Aspiring Nymph

Bringing together disparate images from different places and times, from the trees of Malaysia, to the streets of DC and the Carolina sky. See the source components here.

Ivy Lockbox Radio

This includes a visualization of radio waves via the Architecture of Radio app, juxtaposing the natural world (represented by the ivy amid the clouds) with the mystery of what’s typically unseen and/or waiting to be discovered, represented here by a curiously aged box hovering amid actual data points from the infosphere where this image was created. See the source components here.


representation-richard-smith-rsmithings-comA reflected background sets the scene for a representation of a flower taken in nearly the same location, brought together and shaded selectively in this image. See the source components here.

Accidental Portal

accidental-portal-richard-smith-rsmithings-comSometimes a portal appears by accident, despite our best efforts, and that’s OK. See the source components here.

Flying Into The Doric Sea

flying-into-the-doric-sea-richard-smith-rsmithings-comMoving from a seat in the woods through to the moving ocean via a Doric doorway with a moth as a guide. See the source components here.

Musical Acompaniament: Chainsaw Kittens – Dive Into The Sea

Rites Of Passage

rites-of-passage-richard-smith-rsmitings-comSolarized clouds, a faraway horizon, trees, the swirl of a shell and some ocean bubbles amid bokkeh and vignetting. See the source components here.

The Long Way Ahead

the-long-way-ahead-richard-smith-rsmithings-comFrom sighting to perspective. I noticed this shadowy figure crossing a bridge of railroad tracks during my morning commute. I snapped the shot from my car window (while stopped), then later came back the same afternoon to shoot the tracks from the spot where the figure stood, giving a view of what may have been in the figure’s view. See the source components here.

Amor Electrica

amor-electrica-richard-smith-rsmithings-comThe main component of this image was shot in daylight in early autumn. Through use of an infrared filter and near-abstract rose closeup, the elements coalesce to make an almost wintry, dimensional expression. See the source components here.

Nolite Putare Multum

Mind control… overthinking… what happens when thoughts exceed the imagination? Sometimes the course of least action can be the best. See the source components here.

VI Plus IV

vi-plus-iv-richard-smith-rsmithings-comExactly like the title says. See the source components here.

Leap Of Faith

Leap Of Faith - Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS.comOver two-and-a-half years in the making, and then suddenly this one sprang forth in a day of inspiration. I love it when that happens; it’s like something’s already formed and my hands are just a conduit for bringing it into being, whether that be the visual, the concept, or ideally: both. See the source components here.

Summer Snow

Summer Snow - Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS.comSometimes summer snow shows. Shot in Shalotte. See source scenes here.

Bridge People

Bridge People - Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS.comI shot this image of some individuals on an overpass bridge illuminated by the setting sun from very far away, but was able to render their forms just abstractly enough to work, along with some rust I shot on the same walk and a view of clouds from a window seat the following day. See the source elements here.

Everything New is Old Again

Everything New is Old Again - Richard Smith - RSMITHINGS.comA vintage ensemble, rising clouds, wild dandelion, moth, and a hole in the sky made by the trees below — recent travel imagery with snapshots from around my city and house. See the source components here.