Dream Within A Dream

Dream Within A Dream by rsmithing

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I’ve always been intrigued by the phrase “Dream Within A Dream.” I probably first considered it when hearing Tool’s song, “Sweat” from 1992’s Opiate EP:

The focal point of the hand with the fern is a specially commissioned shot I acquired through the website Fiverr.com, where people post “gigs” starting at $5. I set up a page with photo requirements here at rsmithings.com, then sought out folks who would provide photos. So far, it’s worked out great as a way for me to incorporate human forms from around the world into my art, but without having to book models and set up a full-on shoot. The hand here belongs to Fiverr member and Nepal resident, PreetiYoga, also the subject of “The Delicate Balance.”

This photo was featured within 24 hours of posting at my own Instagram feed in the groups, Flair_BW and BNW_Globe, both excellent collections of creative black and white imagery. Here’s a look at the original elements:


This photomontage is an example of following the urge to create when the time is right. It struck me one afternoon to make something with whatever was easily accessible at the moment. I’d recently photographed a setting sun behind a willow tree making some interesting shapes in a parking lot, so I combined that with a shot from earlier in the week of some railroad tracks I’d snapped on a walk downtown during lunch, selectively masking and highlighting to frame the hand/fern.

Assembling these elements for this multilayered photomontage was an ideal metaphor for my interpretation of the “Dream Within A Dream” phrase: consider the concepts created from the interchange of subconscious connections we might not even be aware are present – from a random parking lot with just the right lighting, to well-worn train tracks born of century-plus-old industry, to a glimpse of a fern branch being held on the other side of the planet.

Bonus points if you noticed our model’s face (shh… that’s a secret).