Find Your Own Path

This shot began with a visit to Austin, TX. I noticed this rough brick retaining wall housing some fragile growth along a sidewalk, and I knew it would make perfect framing for something later, if not just remaining a fine image on its own. The doors are from a ballroom at the hotel I was staying in while on this business trip — the recessed lighting lends an atmospheric touch in this composition, and the details come through just enough after I’ve blurred them somewhat to match the perspective of the foreground. Finally, our strolling protagonist was about 50 feet away from me on another busy sidewalk one afternoon as I was returning from lunch. The sun was especially brilliant that day, and its angle makes a dramatic shadow that melds naturally with the shape and lighting of the wall. It took me forever to do the masking, and seemingly even longer to get the door right, but I’m satisfied with the results. Hope you enjoy.