Half The Story

Half The Story - Richard Smith - rsmithings.com
I call this piece “Half The Story” for a number of reasons. Primarily, what inspired this title was the fact that this is a vertical layout of a composition. In a venue that only allows for square formats (or, by the same token, heavily cropped vertical compositions) such as Instagram, where I am very active, it was important to me to indicate to viewers that what is shown there isn’t the full story, since I chose to crop the top part of of the composition to direct focus toward the image’s center (though I also posted the full version on EyeEm, Tumblr, Pinterest and everywhere else).

Also, I seek to express the concept that as time goes on, what we perceive as true can fly right out the window… and into the sky, along the lines of something as ephemeral as a cloud that at one frozen moment may have conveyed arresting drama through heightened illumination.

So even seeing the full image is only part of the story, since there’s more to it, as these words demonstrate. See the originals at Flickr.