Martyr Of The Barn

Martyr Of The Barn - Smith-Kiaba,
This is a collaboration with the very talented Jen Kiaba, whose photography I’ve long admired, and whom I have been fortunate enough to connect with on Instagram. I noticed a snapshot of hers there one day and offered to do a collaboration with the original, to which she graciously obliged. Definitely check out Jen’s website if you’re into surreal photo creations (chances are that’s the case if you’re reading this). Along with her initial inspiring shot, this also includes clouds shot from my front porch given a solarization effect; a section of a vined plant growing in my front yard; my front yard itself in the bottom of the frame (reversed grassy section) and a shot of Rodin’s “The Martyr” that I took at the Met in NYC a few years ago. I felt compelled to include a human-like form as a nod to her style, and this sculpture seemed contextually appropriate. See the source components here.