Wired To Heaven

(null)Here’s a video on the making of this piece:

The title for this came to me in one of the most intense dreams I’ve had lately. I completed the composition earlier in the day, but couldn’t arrive at a proper title. So while sleeping, this phrase is something two characters say to each other as a means of affirming their aspirations. One says to the other, who is an aspiring inventor, "Wired to heaven – patents." And the inventor says to the other, "Wired to heaven – art." I’m really not sure where that came from or its significance, but I like the context and think it works for this composition, with trees snapped at sunset forming the background for an overlay of what they can be used for (the boards), and an element of nature that makes its home in the trees. The feather I found in my front yard months ago; the boards are on the back of my garage, and the trees are a few miles from my home. See the source components at Flickr.